Top fashion designer Mgr. Beata Rajska has been creating under her own brand Beata RAJSKA since 1997. Beata has presented her work at numerous fashion shows at home and abroad (for example Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Berlin, London, Toronto, and Mexico City). Among her many successes and milestones as the principal of Beata RAJSKA, it is important to mention her participation in the Miss Czech Republic pageant in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Beata prepared models  to represent the Czech Republic in the Miss International pageant in Tokyo, Miss Europe in Paris, Miss World in London and China, Miss Universe Columbia and Peru, and Miss World Tourism Columbia, where  she won the prize for  Best Evening Gown, beating out 65 other participants.

Not just original and luxury models that you can find in the butique, but also custom tailoring according to each client’s needs and wishes – all of that you can find under the trademark Beata Rajská.

We aslo offer fullservice of organizing fashion shows casted by Miss models including personal participation of the designer – Beata Rajská. We organize seminairs and lectures on „Business fashion“ as well.

There is a special Calendar published every year under the trademark of Beata Rajská, which is a good opportunity for the partners who want to participate to be visible.

For more details or information about other activities please contact Michaela Houf (who will be pleased to answer all your questions).